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The Special Commission invites submissions from people and organisations who wish to respond to any of the questions raised in the Issues Papers or who wish to share information, experiences or views relevant to the terms of reference.

THE DUE DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS 7 MAY 2019. This will ensure that the Special Commission has sufficient time to carefully review and further investigate issues raised and information provided in the submissions it receives. The investigations will involve research, the issue of requests for information and summons, and public hearings in Sydney and regional areas. 

If you wish to make a submission, please include your name, contact details and whether you are making the submission on behalf of a particular group or organisation. You may make your submission anonymously and choose not to provide any contact details. The Special Commission will still review your submission but will be unable to contact you to confirm or obtain further information.

Your submission may be made public unless you request that it not be made public or the Commissioner considers that it should not be made public for reasons of fairness or otherwise. Please note that your personal contact details will not be made public, such as your telephone number or email address. You may also request that your submission only be made public without your name or any other identifying details included

You may provide your submission to the Special Commission by:

  1. uploading it on the form below
  2. sending it by email to or
  3. sending it by post to Special Commission of Inquiry into the Drug ‘Ice’, GPO Box 5341, Sydney NSW 2001.

If you are sending your submission by email or post, please clearly state in your submission if you do not want your submission to be made public or only to want it to be made public anonymously.

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